I found that the building outline(gray building when zoom in) is sufficient in Western,but almost none in asian.Now I Need the building outline info,I need to import into CityEngine and automatic generate a city model.

the Google maps have that info but not in asm. (I think google must have the tool to batch generate that's info) So How can I get it? or you team update that part info?

Thanks in advance!

asked 06 Sep '15, 12:02

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OpenStreetMap is a wiki: building footprints are added by contributors. If you wish to have building footprints the easiest thing is to add them yourself from aerial imagery. (A number have been added recently close to the site of the recent explosion, so aerial imagery is OK for this purpose).

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answered 06 Sep '15, 13:39

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thanks for you respond. 1. how can I add them to osm,I mean,where? steps? Newbie,sorry. 2. Do I need to transform the aerial imagery to other format? or direct? example? or link?

thanks again!

(06 Sep '15, 13:48) jzq

When you edit an area your editor can have an image layer under your editing and the image area can be satellite imagery. See some of the beginning editing guides.

(06 Sep '15, 16:37) stf

Yes,I have tried it and successfully added something. But,Btw,because I have the building outline info of an area in fbx(or can convert to any format if needed),How can I batch import them into osm or the like???

I think manually to add will be huge task and kind of repetitive work.

(07 Sep '15, 02:44) jzq

Before you import a file, you need to make sure that it has a proper license. You also have to follow a certain procedure, see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import.

Furthermore, you might run into trouble when you map in China: http://en.nasg.gov.cn/article/Lawsandregulations/201312/20131200005471.shtml, this is linked from the wiki page about mapping in China

(07 Sep '15, 06:13) escada

you respond is very helpful. Btw,is there some software can recognize & extract the bounding footprints from the bing map satellite imagery?

(07 Sep '15, 09:51) jzq
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