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In Denmark we have a node of all addresses. Not only does these nodes contain the address (and a unique street number) but also the municipality (and the unique municipality number) and an identifier from the source amongst other things.

My question is when I want to add e.g. a restaurant it has an address. Should I then add the restaurant to the address node or create a new node?

My concern is that if I add it to the address node, when the restaurant goes out of business, someone might just delete the node instead of just removing the tags, hence deleting valuable information.

But if I create two nodes, and I search for the address, two results might show up: 1 for just the address, and one for the restaurant.

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Denmark was one fo the first countries to release a full address dataset with an open licence and as a result, in OSM, its pretty much complete for address data. A byproduct of this is the Danish community have a very specific way of managing addresses across the board i.e. they are strict about them only being added to nodes, not the buildings.

I took a look through the wiki and couldn't find any guidance on your question

You might be more likely to get a region specific answer for your question on the Danish mailing list

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Thanks, I'll try looking through the archives, and see if there are any answers. So far I've found 1 discussion I'll get back here when/if if find some answer.

(07 Sep '15, 08:01) tbrixen

It seems like it's a question of taste. Generally it seems that one should not touch the address node, since it’s imported, and separately maintained. Furthermore we should not add the address to the new restaurant node.

Other reasons I found in the mailing list:

  • Since there may be multiple restaurants on the same address, it will get confusing which of the restaurants should have its name on the address node.
  • One would expect that addresses are unique hence there should not be multiple nodes with the same address.
  • A restaurant is located in some geolocation, which does not move, even if the road changes name. If the road changes name, the geolocation still does not change.

Instead, some say that we should place the POI just beside the address node, or at the entrance to the restaurant.


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answered 30 Dec '15, 11:42

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