There's an urban road way that is named (say Main st), and it's part of a longer express way relation (say highway 200). It's also part of a relation for an old highway numbering (say "old highway 100"). Now a part of this road will be replaced by a newly constructed but slightly different path. What is the best practice in regards to these relations?

Should I add the new road to the existing highway relation and remove the old segment from the said relation?

Should I preserve the old segment, and keep it in the relation for the former highway numbering. But "demote" it somehow by marking it abandoned, removed, disused, or something?

Or delete the old path altogether?

Thanks P.S. the old road will be demolished.

asked 24 Aug '15, 06:02

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Hi Ballard, You've walked the new road with your GPS ? Then just push the nodes, or add new ones to the old road and push it to the new situation (GPS track) or position. No harm done and you don’t have to struggle with multiple relations. Add the old road / way as well or again since it has not been demolished yet. The last will be easy since the aerial pictures will show the old situation. When you’re ready moving the way and creating the old one temporarily add all the specific tags visible outside for instance lanes, surface, lit, width, buildings and new crossings as well. Try to establish the names of the new and the old road, the lather is necessary if there buildings beside it, but it depends on the time / period until the road is demolished. If there’s a sign or barrier blocking the entrance mark it as landuse=construction and move the name tag to old name=Road

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answered 24 Aug '15, 09:11

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