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It's not highway=cycleway (unless designated as such), since it's safer to ride in the road. highway=footway fits, but that applies to any sidewalk. Is there a way to tag that this path was built wider than an ordinary sidewalk (perhaps because it's on a waterfront, to give people room to sightsee, or perhaps because it's expected to have more traffic than the average sidewalk)?

asked 23 Jul '10, 06:55

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You should use the width tag, or est_width if you are estimating the width.

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answered 23 Jul '10, 07:07

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I'm horrible at estimation :) But that tag doesn't give any comparative width; sidewalks in Manhattan may all be as wide as a wide sidepath in another city. I'd have to tag all the nearby sidewalks for the width tag to have any meaning, and even then someone else would have to check all the nearby sidewalks to see that this path is wider.

(23 Jul '10, 08:37) NE2

If it's very wide, and named or notable consider making an area which abuts the road, sharing its nodes. Tag the area with both highway=pedestrian and area=yes. The area tag makes areas from highways which would otherwise be loops.

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answered 23 Jul '10, 12:06

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Andrew Chadwick
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Depending on the usage of the "sidewalk" as a seaside promenade possibly with shops, etc. you could tag it as highway=pedestrian and a width tag.

However if it really is a sidewalk, then it may be a bit more problematic, since there is no widely used system to tag them. Usually they are not tagged at all. There is a proposal which is relavant and a width feature is mentioned but not really finally formulated.

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answered 23 Jul '10, 10:25

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