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I wish to use Overpass Turbo to search for ways that should normally be mapped as areas but are erroneously not joined ie landuse=residential.

I've looked through the (not very clear) help but can see nothing related to my query. I assume it must be possible because OT displays such ways in the thicker blue line than if they're joined?

Thanks Dave F.

asked 09 Aug '15, 13:40

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Overpass API and overpass turbo really are not the right tools for this job, as you cannot query yet for any non-closed areas in the first place (it's not implemented yet). This makes the whole endeavour very challenging.

What you see in overpass turbo originates from the internal OSM -> GeoJSON conversion, but it's not possible to take that logic into account for any kind of query.

I suggest to take a look at keep right! instead. It has a "non-closed area" detection. Osmose QA probably has something similar.

Example: Keep right! example -> will mark the following way as erroneous.

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answered 09 Aug '15, 14:30

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It's a shame overpass isn't able to make that distinction, but Keep Right does an adequate job for what I want in this instance.

Thank you for your reply. Dave F.

(09 Aug '15, 15:36) DaveF

Well, I guess nobody requested this feature so far -->

(09 Aug '15, 15:46) mmd

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