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Not a question, but a hint for people who may fix this. Feel free to move this comment to any other place, where you think it belongs.

brings some TLS related problems. First one: The certificate CN is wrong. This is annoying, but passable. Major one: Only the standard map and MapQuest Open work, when you forbid loading cleartext content on TLS websites – which is generally a good idea. For example the bicycle map is included via…,
would work as well. Unnecessarily, to be able to use the bicycle map, I have to instruct my browser to transmit HTTP requests in an HTTPS context.

Maybe you want to fix this, as it should be not such a big deal.

asked 07 Aug '15, 17:57

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Regarding the first issue: is not an official OSM domain so there is nothing OSM can do about it. The second issue sounds like it can be fixed so try to report it at

(08 Aug '15, 08:43) scai ♦

whois lists OSMF as the admin organization for it doesn't get much more official than that.

(10 Aug '15, 01:08) mvexel

Interesting. It has been an unofficial domain in the past IIRC.

(10 Aug '15, 07:24) scai ♦

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