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Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015. Since then a lot of mapping was done in osm. I want to compare the state of osm map before and after earthquake and generate different stats. But getting hold of this data is very difficult. Can anyone advice me ways to get this kind of data for Nepal?

asked 05 Aug '15, 08:21

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You will have to use a software called osm-history-splitter with the full history planet file from to make your own Nepal excerpt.

Alternatively, there's a couple of monthly snapshots of older Nepal data available on the Geofabrik download server - note that these are not history files, just old extracts. They expire after a while, so make a copy for the 1st April file while you can...

** Update : Geofabrik now has history file download option, so you can go to the download section of geofabrik and download the full history file.

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answered 05 Aug '15, 10:27

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Nirab Pudasaini

The guy behind osm-history-splitter made this great tutorial on how to set up the splitter on an Ubuntu machine. The toolkit has a nice visualization tool too, making it easy to make animated maps like these. You can also extract shapefiles from a certain timestamp easily too, see an example here.

If you're used to a Windows environment, setting up a virtual Ubuntu machine is relatively painless with virtual box. If youy can explain me how to do this, I can give you a copy of my virtual machine, all set up (and messy). I might be able to give you access to an online machine already set up (command line interface only).

Or if you can limit the amount of things you need, I might be able to do it for you. Just cutting Nepal from the full history dump might save you some time if you don't have a strong machine. But you'd still need all the same tools to be able to process the osh.pbf file that comes out of it.

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answered 06 Aug '15, 10:37

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joost schouppe
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To further simplify things, the datadump has an osm.pbf file extension, but to use it with Osmium (and related tools like the splitter) you have to rename it to osh.pbf (see )

(06 Aug '15, 10:42) joost schouppe

I am looking into the thematic accuracy of OSM data within a 100x100cm radius of Odessa, Ukraine. Literature suggests comparing who, when and what features have been edited in OSM will aid in identifying trends. Does the osm-history-splitter tool offer a GUI to examine and clip the area of study - rather than download the entire planet.osm data?

Any help or guidance is welcome.

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answered 10 Jun '16, 09:18

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There's a hosted extract for Europe which you could use ( ) , however it dates from january 2015. It's a mere 23 giga :) If you need something more recent, I don't know of anything else than the planet extracts you'll find here:

Just make sure you use PBF as that's what the splitter needs.

The splitter is command line, however it only needs a single line of code to make an extract for a bounding box.

With the importer, you can than load it into a Postgres database. It only takes a single line of code to export a thematic extract to shapefile if you happen to be more used to that. Check my diary (e.g. , but many more posts on the subject) for some hints and feel free to send me a PM.

(10 Jun '16, 09:31) joost schouppe

Thank you for your help. I am having some difficulty installing the software on my VM (I am using Ubuntu) with Git. It does not allow me to create preform the 'Make' function in the following code:

git clone cd OSM-binary/src make sudo make install cd ../..

Does anybody have any suggestions?

(15 Jun '16, 07:25) mikw

Without knowing what went wrong when you tried it, there's little anyone can suggest, beyond doing a quick web search for whatever error appears (I'm guessing that you're missing some prerequisites, but have no idea exactly what).

In general, with things that need a bit of interaction, if you go to #osm or #osm-dev on IRC (see ) there will be lots of people who've done exactly that before and will be able to help.

(15 Jun '16, 10:25) SomeoneElse ♦

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