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Hi to all,

I am using Openstreetmap with leaflet.

1.In zoom level 1, There is some empty space in bottom & top, but horizontally map tiles are repeated. But my markers shown in a single map.(refer alt textimage1.png).

Is there any option to show markers in all maps shown, or How to load or show a single map?

2.In other zoom levels, i want to disable drag when reach bottom or top of the map. Because after reach bottom or top, it will show empty spaces only(refer alt textimage2.png)

Note: In google maps it is working fine(cant drag when reach top/bottom).

asked 29 Jul '15, 08:04

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edited 29 Jul '15, 08:06

I found answer for how to disable drag?


But, still i dont know, how to find the map reached the top or bottom?

(31 Jul '15, 08:15) Rajavelu_M

Also tried as map.setMaxBounds([[51.490, -0.122], [51.510, -0.028]]); for disable drag when reach top/bottom. But not working(map cant drag horizontally)

(03 Aug '15, 06:47) Rajavelu_M

I've used these settings (coords changed to yours):

    var southwest = L.latLng(51.490, -0.122),
        northeast = L.latLng(51.510, -0.028),
        bounds = L.latLngBounds(southwest, northeast);

    var map ='map', {
        zoom: 8,
        maxZoom: 18,
        maxBounds: bounds

permanent link

answered 15 Aug '15, 10:22

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Protect OSM
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Hi, Still its not working to me. Can you give in fiddle, or full source(with html).

(16 Aug '15, 07:27) Rajavelu_M

Sorry for my late answer. Here's a demo:

(24 Aug '15, 11:43) Protect OSM

@Protect OSM: I think you are mis-understand my question, Actually i need to disable drag when my drag reach bottom/top of the map. Currently i can drag when reach top/bottom of map, but it shows empty page.

(24 Aug '15, 11:50) Rajavelu_M

If I "overdrag" the map it shows eveything perfectly but on "drop" it bounces back fitting the original bounds.

( - cursor was over the "Leaflet" copyright in the bottom, right.)

If it's not working at you like this, there's something wrong.

Could you please give a link to your site?

(24 Aug '15, 12:03) Protect OSM

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