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I have noticed, that once you cross the "iron curtain" (anything east from Germany) the quality of Mapbox Satellite decreases significantly to extend, that it is not very valueble as mapping source for OSM. Is there any hope this will change at some point? I tried to find a roadmap for this, but most news about Mapbox Satellite imaginery are 2-3 years old and they state that it "covers whole Europe", which is true only partially. I am especially interested in Czech republic.

asked 29 Jul '15, 01:21

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Hi Gorn. This is Matt from Mapbox. We're actively ingesting new data into Mapbox Satellite, which will improve what's available for tracing in Eastern Europe. I'll let our satellite team know that the Czech Republic is a priority for you. If you have any more questions, shoot me a note at

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answered 30 Jul '15, 13:54

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@mtirwin thanks for this, do you have any time estimate when it could be available? Weeks or years? - I do not know how fast you are updating :) BTW congrats to your Online editor which is great way to attract people. It is exactly what is needed - you can start to make custom map with several clicks, and you are only asked to register on save (at which point you are already motivated and happy with product) and pay only when it works for you (view limit). I think you might event take this further and allow sharing maps wihtou login, with simple url (which would be limited somehow).

(01 Aug '15, 02:49) gorn

Your best bet for an answer is to contact them directly by tweeting them @mapbox

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answered 29 Jul '15, 16:08

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... or try one thing from

(29 Jul '15, 17:01) stephan75

will try on twitter

(30 Jul '15, 00:42) gorn

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