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Prompted by an IRC conversation, I was looking at this page and noticed that the column headings weren't particularly meaningful, and didn't work at all well as table headings (particularly "Stores map-data on-board" and "Stores map-data off-board (downloads from internet)" - what I think that the original author meant to say was "works offline" and "can work online").

Below the table is a warning "This table is generated automatically by a bot. Do not edit it manually. Learn more.". That links to a user page which appears to have no information relevant to editing column headings on it. A search for the offending text finds only where it is used, not where it is defined.

What seems to be happening is that because the software tables in the OSM wiki are extemely cumbersome to edit, they don't ever actually get edited, and incredibly in some cases still recommend software that is likely to be blocked!

asked 28 Jul '15, 14:26

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Looks like you really need to raise an issue/pull request here

(28 Jul '15, 14:29) SK53 ♦

Should add, that this approach makes it nigh on impossible for people to actually change the wiki page, which seems to defeat the purpose of a wiki.

(28 Jul '15, 14:30) SK53 ♦

Based on the above, are there benefits that outweigh those issues in using these types of tables as opposed to plain old wiki tables? I can't imagine that there are too many

In saying that, using tables of any form in wiki text is a major pain in the behind

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answered 28 Jul '15, 16:30

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