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Hi, I’m preparing some city maps for a travel guide book, and I need to add markers (arrows, circles, numbers) for sights. Since the map clip and the lists of sights are always changing, I’d like to automate that task, i.e. read the locations from a spreadsheet and put markers on the map with a Python script. I’m as far as converting OSM to SVG with Maperitive and to PDF with Inkscape, that works well.

As far as I understand, it’s not possible to add elements in Maperitive, only style what’s in the OSM data. Or is there a way, maybe via GPX?

So I should probably try to modify the SVG via Inkscape’s API? Do you know any examples for that? (Of course I’ll gladly provide mine, if I accomplish the task.) I also don’t understand how to "convert" from geo location coordinates to SVG coordinates. Any hints?

Thanks in advance! Hraban

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I think you can use more than one OSM file with Maperitive. There is no reason why you should not convert your markers to OSM style XML and create specific rules in Maperitive to style this data. Just make sure you don't upload this file to OSM.

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Thank you, I got a similar answer in Maperitive’s Google Group, and it works for me. I didn’t think of OSM as a simple format that I can write myself.

I’d still like to understand the conversion of geographical map coordinates to geometrical SVG coordinates, but will open a new thread for that.

(29 Jul '15, 05:06) Hraban

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