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Hi, here at Rostock somebody traced all the small buildings within the allotment garden areas. I would like to choose a different building=* value to make it understandable, that this houses aren't usual residential buildings and maybe we can render them less prominent.

Which one is internationally used to tag this objects? hut, shed, summer_house, ... ?

asked 27 Jul '15, 20:54

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edited 02 Aug '15, 08:56

Hi iii, it all depends on the use of the building, you’ll have to go out to survey, the Wiki stated hut or shed, like you suggested too. A shed looks bigger then a hut. My first choice building=hut, based on a crude and simple structure, which offers 'shelter' for humans and tools. Most buildings grow in time, unless there’s a regulated board with garden rules what should or not. Greenhouse is linked to bigger structures, although some gardeners build them as a shed.

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answered 27 Jul '15, 21:11

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Huts are dwellings for humans, but @iii already said they aren't residential buildings. If they're used for storage, I'd say the best choice would be building=shed.

(27 Jul '15, 21:28) alester

To those who are interested, there is an poll about that tagging, as the DE community wasn't sure about an definite answer

(02 Aug '15, 08:57) iii

@iii Great idea for the poll, but wide disparity of values shows little consensus. Rather surprised that building=shed is so disliked: some of the examples look distinctly like sheds to me.

(02 Aug '15, 14:51) SK53 ♦

SK53, it all comes down to the wide variety that can be seen on an allotment, From a plastic cabinet, 1,00 by 1,00 by 1,50, for storage up to a little summer house for recreation and shelter with kitchen facility, due to local rules.

(02 Aug '15, 15:11) Hendrikklaas

In the end I decided to use building=cabin as it's an common international term and might be a good first approximisation.

(16 Aug '15, 12:40) iii

As a speaker of English in England, I'd have definitely gone with "shed". "Cabin" has an altogether different meaning to me.

(16 Aug '15, 14:55) SomeoneElse ♦

I'm not familar, if allotments in UK have the same meaning as in Germany (gardens with small houses where people live during summertime, similar to camping). Someone pointed to 'cabin in the woods', but of course as non-native speaker, my idea can be completely wrong :(

(04 Oct '17, 06:13) iii

Typically allotments in the UK or US are just areas for gardening--any structures are for storage as noted above. You might also want to read the description at

(04 Oct '17, 15:11) neuhausr
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