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I have imported data with custom properties. When I create a new point, if only shows name and description, but not the custom properties. How can I define custom properties to be applied to new points of a specific layer ?


  • create a new point with "name", "description" and add a new property "address"

  • then create another new point does not show the field "address". I would like it to have the "address" among the default editable properties.

A workaround exists by editing custom properties via "browse data" for each new point. But this is not an intuitive usage. Is there a different solution today ?

Thanks in advance

asked 22 Jul '15, 13:38

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Thanks for your fast answer.

My question was not clear enough. I have already used the popup template to show the required custom information. It works very well!

What I need is when adding a new point, be able to EDIT its custom fields directly from the right panel instead of going to "Browse data". This can be useful when we add many points directly on the map, editing directly its fields in the same view. Is it more clear ?

(22 Jul '15, 14:27) mnesia

OK, got it. That's not possible at the moment, but somewhere in the roadmap.

(22 Jul '15, 14:29) ybon

Perfect keyword, Where is the roadmap ? Should I add a feature request for this points ?

(22 Jul '15, 14:32) mnesia

I think your best option is to change the "popup template" to reference your custom properties. Something like:

# {mytitleproperty}

You should target the "popup template" of the map, or in the layer your data is in.

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answered 22 Jul '15, 14:10

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