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Dear OSM experts,

My 2 partners and I have started a free online travel map for visitors on the Island of Bali in Indonesia ( ). We are using MapBox which is powered by OSM data.

By comparing the streets in Bali from Google Maps and from our map (OSM) I realized that a lot of streets are missing and Google Maps looks more up-to-date.

After an investigation, I noticed that in Bali the Satellite Images from Google Maps are dated around March 2015 and May 2015 (only Google Earth give such information when you zoom-in). Then I found the following website who display capture date for Bing Aerial Imagery. In average Bing Aerial Imagery have been captured around 2011-2012 in Bali. Since then many new roads and residential area has been built in Bali, Indonesia.

I would like to know if there's a way for me and my partners to add the new roads in Bali ? Is there another aerial imagery source ? Should we contact Yahoo or Bing for asking if an Aerial Imagery upgrade is possible for Bali ? Or should we go outside to collect GPS tracks for then add it in OSM ?

Thank you very much for your help


asked 21 Jul '15, 05:46

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Dear Richard and SK53 contributors,

Thank you very much for your answers!

Today for the first time, I downloaded the application OSMAnd on my Android smartphone and found a new road (not displayed on the map of OSMAnd application) and I started to record a GPX file while I was driving with my motorbike on the new road. Then I get back to my house with my WiFi (to avoid paying data fee) and uploaded the trace on OSM (always with the app OSMAnd).

I've been reading hours on wiki different info about OSM but I would like to know if you could guide me towards specific info about editing OSM map. For instance, I'm wondering when my new trace will be displayed. Then I try to understand how to specified the type of road (should I download JOSN for that ?)... so many questions... it's overwhelm for a beginner.

Like we say in Bali "Sedikit Sedikit" One step at the time.

Thank you for your time


(22 Jul '15, 09:38) ZoomBali

I have added part of a street to OSM using your trace, It seems Bing is good enough to map from. I will add a jpeg of the editor in action.

(22 Jul '15, 11:16) andy mackey

Andy I thought by uploading the trace via the app OSMAnd will automatically add the new road on OSM. Sorry I'm still reading the Beginners Guide.

So after uploading my GPX file to OSM from an outside survey I still need to add it from an editor ?

Thanks you

(22 Jul '15, 13:45) ZoomBali
(22 Jul '15, 16:40) stephan75

Many new users expect or hope that a trace could automatically become a road or a path but human input is needed to tidy trace, join the nodes and decide the type of road or path. I have used the trace you uploaded, to map the missing unknown road. which you (Xavier) has now named. happy mapping one step at a time!

(31 Jul '15, 05:41) andy mackey
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Try changing to the Mapbox Satellite background layer in your chosen editor - it appears to have better and more up-to-date imagery than Bing for Bali.

But going outside and surveying is always the best option!

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answered 21 Jul '15, 09:34

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Richard ♦
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Thank you Richard,

Do you know how to go outside with a GPS tracker to collect the data and then add it in OSM ? I mean is it possible to use a smartphone with an application ?

Thank you


(21 Jul '15, 11:46) ZoomBali

There are several Android & iPhone apps for collecting GPS traces, and also for directly editing OSM data: notably Vespucci and OSMAnd. There is far more information on the wiki( Android:; iOS: I would also suggest looking at Mapillary for collecting street level images which can be used for OSM mapping: this may be the simple way to start as the sequences provide a GPS trace too.

(21 Jul '15, 14:57) SK53 ♦

alt text
This is an illustration of Potlatch2. The cyan line is your trace. yellow way is the bit i mapped, note Bing looks OK to map from. note i used the gpx to get the check position of street and the aerial image to map the shape of road as a GPX will have faults.

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answered 22 Jul '15, 11:17

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andy mackey
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