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The address of NUO Hotel, Beijing on Facebook is correct, but the location is incorrect. How can we change that?

asked 20 Jul '15, 08:57

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I think the way to resolve this is to simply add the location of your hotel on OpenStreetMap.

Facebook has very recently started using OpenStreetMap for locations in China and elsewhere in East Asia, and we dont know exactly how Facebook chooses how to locate the marker on the OpenStreetMap background.

OpenStreetMap does have 朝阳区 / Chaoyang District mapped.

To add a hotel you can either:

  • Create a note (bottom icon on Right-hand side of screen pop-out menu) in the correct location, and wait for an experienced OpenStreetMap editor to add it to the data.
  • Edit OpenStreetMap directly. A hotel can be added simply as a point (node in OSM terminology), using the online editor.

If you do add the hotel to OpenStreetMap and this does not change the location displayed on Facebook do let us know. There are likely to be other organisations with similar problems.

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answered 20 Jul '15, 09:56

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For info here is an example of an FB location that doesn't match the correctly-mapped OSM location:

Presumably FB's address is the group head office location - it looks like they own a bunch of businesses around there. In this case "fixthemap" or an OSM note isn't appropriate, because our location's correct; it's the FB address that's "wrong" (in that it's a delivery address rather than one useful for customers).

(21 Jul '15, 09:24) SomeoneElse ♦

Well my answer was predicated on being able to fix to it on OSM. The HK pub indeed suggests it is "Someone Else's Problem" (oblig Hitchhiker Guide ref).

(21 Jul '15, 10:29) SK53 ♦

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