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I have downloaded the OpenFietsMap (an open bicycle map) as a complement to OSM. It is nice in many ways but I cannot see names of towns and cities. In some resolutions geographical places are written in white (invisible) and in other only the names of parts of towns, not the whole town, displays. What did I do wrong?

asked 18 Jul '15, 11:35

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SK53 ♦

You'll probably need to give an example to explain the problem.

(18 Jul '15, 11:52) SomeoneElse ♦

Where did you download the map from? Is there a contact address for the maker(s) of the map on that site/page? Did you try to raise the issue with them?

(18 Jul '15, 14:22) Frederik Ramm ♦

I presume that OFM is OpenFietsMap; can you confirm as this should be expanded in the title etc.

(18 Jul '15, 15:52) SK53 ♦

Yes it is I can't find any helpforum on that site. I got the link from it's editor "ligfietser" who is active on this site but I don't know if there is any possibility for me to get in direct contact with Ligfietser, therefore I put the question here on the forum.

Examples. When I go to my hometown, Vimmerby and look at the map with high level of detail but not zoomed in to see the streets, I cannot see the name Vimmerby. I experienced the same in Czech Republic and Poland where I am planning a tour. There seem to be to problems: - names are written with white colour - larger towns are not written with larger letters but disappear behind the names of towndistricts

(18 Jul '15, 16:59) himmelslund

There are several ways to contact me, see Best place to ask your question is this forum: or here if I read it ;-)

Where do you see those issues? On your device (if yes, what type of Garmin), Basecamp, Mapsource? If it is on your device make sure other maps except the Basemap are disabled.

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answered 19 Jul '15, 09:14

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Thank you. It is Basecamp in windows. I have no other map.

(19 Jul '15, 11:45) himmelslund

I think your map display options are not optimal. Try different settings, bigger font etc Also have a look in the settings of the activity profile>map display features. Make sure all map elements are activated. Try Ctr-G to turn off the Basic map / clear the cache. See

(19 Jul '15, 19:20) ligfietser

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