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I am looking for the Open Cycle map. I can see it online here: where it is described as the cycle map of open street map. Therefore I thought that I first download the Osmand and then a bikelayer on top of the Osmand. But I cannot see any bike trails on OSM. Did I misunderstand something?

asked 11 Jul '15, 11:00

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There is a dedicated rendering style for Osmand available here, from OpenFietsMap. It's not on top of anything, it just renders the offline map in a bike-friendly way. Instructions at the page should be enough to install.

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answered 11 Jul '15, 13:20

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joost schouppe
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This is fantastic! It works!!! Couldn't believe it! After four full days of computer struggle it seems that we have it. Thanks a lot for your help!! Now it is only the contourlines plugin which doesn't work...(see my question above)

(11 Jul '15, 21:59) himmelslund

There is a "contour line plugin" for Osmand available (costs 1 or 2 euro). Download hillshades and contours within the Osmand app.

(11 Jul '15, 22:55) joost schouppe

It works. But there are still no routes, like , which are highlighted in OpenCycleMap.

(14 Aug '20, 17:21) Vazhnov Alexey

By now, you can simply go to map settings, scroll all the way down and click "routes". You can then choose which routes to render.

(14 Aug '20, 19:44) joost schouppe

Hi himmelslund, here are routable cycle maps for Garmin devices. The page has a link and a tutorial for Osmand.

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answered 11 Jul '15, 11:38

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Gys de Jongh
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Thank you, I already have the OFM in my windows netbook and willsoon start to figure out how to use it. But we are not going to navigate directly with the netbook (because that would require too much battery) but just use it in the evening for planning the next day trip.

For navigation we intend to use a phone in flight mode. We have uploaded Osmand on the android phone but lack bike routes and topography. that should be included in the open cycle map, as I had understood it.. Isn't it?

(11 Jul '15, 12:02) himmelslund

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