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I thought this had already been dealt with but cannot find it. How do we tag a static caravan park/chalet park used for short lets to holiday makers. Caravan site is in use for indicating a place to stop with your box towed behind your 4x4. A mapper locally has used "camp site" which is clearly wrong as this is meant for tents. Any thoughts?

asked 12 Apr '11, 12:24

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This question is also relevant: I fear that at present there is no good consensus answer.

(12 Apr '11, 12:53) SK53 ♦

@SK53: This question refers to trailer parks which place where caravans / mobile home / trailers are parked "permanently" as a substitute for residential house. Usually people living in trailer parks have a very low income.

(12 Apr '11, 13:03) ALE

@ALE perfectly aware of that, but there are many static caravan parks in the E of England where people live for much of the summer. I know a number of people who do this, and there is much in common regarding the tagging incomes. Mobile home parks in the UK often are very neat with well kept gardens, so not quite the same demographic as US trailer parks.

(12 Apr '11, 15:27) SK53 ♦

I would use tourism=camp_site with caravans=yes as suggested by the wiki.

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answered 12 Apr '11, 13:01

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That wiki suggestion seems to be for whether you can take a non-static caravan there overnight, though?

(12 Apr '11, 13:29) EdLoach ♦

I have started using the landuse=resort tag combined with tourism=apartments.

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answered 17 Sep '12, 19:30

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Thanks everybody for your responses. The answer is clearly that there is no best practise on tagging this type of area. Tourism=caravan_site and tourism=camp_site are already in use and mean something totally different to the type of site that I wish to tag. The sites I would like to define generally ( although not exclusively )have hundreds of caravans/chalets for hire mostly on a weekly basis. These are predominently around the coast in or near large seaside resorts and are operated on a commercial basis. I may write a proposal if I can work out how. In the meantime I may tag an area tourism=holiday_park, caravans=yes, chalets=yes, name=(whatever is written on the gate). Thanks again. Gumpa

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answered 13 Apr '11, 12:44

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If the site is mainly for caravans you can use tourism=caravan_site. It renders with a caravan symbol on Mapnik. See here for an example.

I guess it depends on your perspective as to whether it is a caravan site that allows tents, or a camp site that allows caravans.

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answered 13 Apr '11, 03:05

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Thanks for this! I corrected a couple of campings that I did set incorrectly in the beginning! Hervé

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answered 12 Apr '11, 15:50

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