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Hi, I am planning a bicycle tour from Sweden to Romania and need good maps. My technical knowledge is limited. I have a netbook windows 8. I managed (after much fuss) to download the vectorial maps for the relevant countries. What is still missing is the topography and the bike-routes. As i understand it I need open cycle map viewer for this. But the google play app store doesen't let me download that to my netbook a) Am I on the right track? b) How to download open map viewer to windos 8?

thankful for help

asked 08 Jul '15, 07:56

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You are correct, Google play app's are for Android devices, not for Windows. I suggest to download and install Garmin Basecamp (1) and my Openfietsmap Europe (2, pc version)

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answered 08 Jul '15, 09:04

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You may have to put the map on a usb stick or an sd card so it looks like a Garmin device to Basecamp. That works for me with basecamp and win7. It is a good free solution for displaying and planning routes and tracks.

(08 Jul '15, 13:41) andy mackey

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! Great job you who create these maps are doing!

The map I got after some struggle is a nice one with a lots of bikeroutes. That is great! What I miss still though is topography. There are no contourlines, neither shadows. Can I get that? How?

I put the OFM under C: as described in the "read me file". Should I better put them on a stick (that would also be good because space in the small netbook is scarce)? Should I put all the OFM files on the stick or leave some under C: ? (According to the readme file they should be placed together with garmin under programs, but my computer didn't let me...)

Thank you!

(09 Jul '15, 15:58) himmelslund

There are contourlines (20m), you need to zoom in or look in a more mountainous region to see them. There is no hillshading unfortunately and you can't add it. You can put the OFM on another disk or USB stick, you have to move all the files to another destination and click on install.exe again (close Basecamp first).

(09 Jul '15, 17:41) ligfietser

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