A raceway has on certain corners escapes (areas) made out of gravel. Highway=escape is a specific part of a road or way and I don’t want to use highway=escape solely. What’s the right tagging scheme ? Has someone somewhere tagged something like it ? Or could highway=raceway, raceway=escape do the trick for the gravel areas ?

asked 07 Jul '15, 23:17

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The problem with "highway=escape" is that gravel traps tend not really to be like "highways" - they're normally a patch of gravel (or these days sometimes tarmac) separated from the circuit by grass (like this one that you mapped at Assen here). A "highway=escape" running down a hill is a continuation of the highway and is a linear feature - a gravel trap isn't really either of those.

It looks like almost no-one maps these, so essentially you can do what you like as long as you don't misuse a tag for another feature - I'd actually be tempted to stick with the "raceway=escape; surface=gravel; area=yes" that you've already used.

A quick look at Zandvoort, Silverstone, Rockingham, Oulton, Cadwell and Donington doesn't reveal any other mapped gravel traps. At Laguna Seca someone's mapped the ones around the Corkscrew as "natural=beach", which surely isn't correct!

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answered 09 Jul '15, 01:20

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Highway=escape is fairly well established, so I'd keep usig that. And to make it clear what type of road it belongs to, I suggest using escape=(highway type being escaped from). It hasn't been used for that yet, but it seems logical to me. See also escape:type to specify the method (gravel, etc).

Why not the other way around as you suggest ? Thinks of consumers that haven't done the extra work to interpret escape values. All they'd see is highway=raceway (or highway=motorway) and they'd make a bad decision (such as rendering that way as a normal part of the racetrack). Think in terms of gracefull degradation for consumers that don't have a complete knowledge of the tag schema.

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answered 08 Jul '15, 09:55

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A highway = escape connected to a highway = raceway let little room for interpretation.

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answered 08 Jul '15, 20:11

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This is called run-off area

wiki run-off

there are: gravel trap astro turf tarmac concrete

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answered 06 Sep '15, 19:43

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