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I would like to add offshore wind farms as areas in the north sea at the coast of Germany. However, the editor tool does not allow me to edit areas in the sea. The sea area seems to non-editable. Any suggestions/ideas?

The wind farms are comprised each of about 40 to 80 wind-mills. The area is defined by GPS coordinates provided by the wind farm operators. The wind farm locations are important for traffic at sea and aerial navigation as well.

Thank you for any help!

asked 05 Jul '15, 12:52

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All areas are editable in OSM. Maybe your zoom level has been too low, try zooming further in.

(05 Jul '15, 13:30) scai ♦

There's nothing in OSM that stops you editing things in the sea. Even the wreck of the Titanic is mapped in OpenStreetMap. Perhaps you have to zoom in far enough to be able to edit it.

Please ensure you have the correct permission and copyright with the coordinates from the windfarm operators (or that you can see it on the map).

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answered 06 Jul '15, 09:09

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Hi kertendienst, Are you allowed to use the date and coordinates of the area and the powermills, according to the import rules and Open Street Maps rules, and if so agreed use these lines and tags to complete the tagging of the powerplant. , and take a look here, happy mapping. Ps and take a look at the map in the power pages with areas such as powerplants.

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answered 05 Jul '15, 21:24

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