Hi all, Early last week I mapped some footpaths around a man-made lake and for the first time attempted to map both a bridge and a number of boardwalks at this same location. The footpaths started to show on OSM in a matter of minutes but even now, several days later, neither the bridge nor the boardwalks are showing on the map except when I view OSM from the basic in browser editor, the link at the bottom of the left hand side of the screen, "View on openstreetmap.org". Even more confusing to me is that in the basic editor my 'bridge' is shown as a Line with the tags 'bridge=yes' but in Potlatch2 it reads "not recognised" and 'unknown' and also tags: bridge=yes(edit). I assume that I've done something wrong. Will someone please help?



asked 05 Jul '15, 12:44

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I guess you are talking about this area.

The bridges you have added (e.g. way 357315736) only have a bridge=yes tag. You forgot to add the highway tag, in this case highway=footway. The same applies for your boardwalk. There is even a boardwalk with no bridge at all, instead it is tagged with Line=boardwalk which is no valid tag.

After correcting these mistakes your bridges and boardwalks should start getting rendered.

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answered 05 Jul '15, 13:27

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Thank-you so much. I can see now that it is in a sense, a two-step process. What I tagged as a boardwalk is a timber surface that starts off flush with the concrete footpath and rises to no more than around 800mm from the ground. The ground under is garden and there are no handrails along the sides. The bridge on the other hand spans a section of the lake/pond, is quite a bit higher and does have handrails on both sides. I've made the changes you advised and will now sit back and wait and see what happens. Thanks again for your help.

(05 Jul '15, 22:19) biggles1024

Since you mentioned handrails: You can add this information, too. Just take a look at the handrail tag in the wiki :). And another thing: For proper routing please connect your footways to the surrounding highways. Currently not all ends of the footway are properly connected. Way 357296349 even ends at an administrative boundary which you seem to have mistaken for a routable way.

(06 Jul '15, 07:41) scai ♦

Thanks for the advice RE handrails. I have yet to determine exactly where the footpaths connect to the roads and how to do it. I am planning on return during the next couple of days depending in the weather. Its the middle of winter here. ;)

(06 Jul '15, 12:19) biggles1024

I've looked for this too, and haven't found a well defined way to tag boardwalks on the wiki beyond surface=wood. I have seen that some people add bridge=boardwalk to the footway, whether it is over open water or not. See also https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/31231/how-do-i-tag-footpaths-made-of-wood

(06 Jul '15, 14:47) neuhausr

@neuhausr: The wiki page for [bridge=boardwalk] does not require the bridge to be over open water. The definition states "A plank walkway over wet or otherwise difficult terrain, usually low to the ground and supported by posts."

(06 Jul '15, 20:15) escada

@escada, exactly my point! :)

(06 Jul '15, 20:39) neuhausr

Hi, or this one http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.94626/6.46945
not a bridge at all but a stretch of beams covering the underlaying peat, next to eachother, "bridge" just like the Romans build theyre ways in wet areas or "boardwalk" ? This ones carries a tag as, historic=archeological_site

(07 Jul '15, 09:28) Hendrikklaas
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