I'd like to be able to tag facilities that do specific processing of recyclates, such as those listed here. A Materials Recovery Facility, or MRF, is a common one these days. man_made=works could be used but is very general. I dont think it is an amenity so amenity=recycling doesn't seem right. However extending recycling to recycling=materials_recycling_facility could be logical.

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I went with just man_made=works on one near me. You can use whatever tags you like, so it's perfectly OK to make something up and use that as a lower-level key,

However, obviously it helps to try and find one that's already been used to mean the same thing, so you can see what values people have used previously for "works", and also perhaps "industrial", to see if anything fits. Also of course search keys and values for "recycling" - there might be something there.

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answered 04 Jul '15, 09:51

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I appreciate I can add anything, I'm hoping for some tips on what might be a better way if I was to use new tags. I'd like to propose something at some point.

Seems like the recycling tag is mostly used for types of things. I think what this really needs is another level of detail on man_made=works. E.g. what about works:type=materials_processing_facility?

(04 Jul '15, 09:57) pmackay

"works" has slightly more usage as a key than "works:type" so I'd probably go with that instead, but "materials_processing_facility" sounds fine to me.

(04 Jul '15, 10:07) SomeoneElse ♦

Ah, I hadnt realised that works is used as a key as well. Its not referenced on the man_made=works page.

To get a new wiki page for tag:works does it need to be setup as a Proposal or can a documentation page just be created?

(04 Jul '15, 13:04) pmackay

Re proposals vs wiki pages vs "JFDI", different people have different approaches - see the tagging list ad nauseam, including this recent discussion - https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tagging/2015-March/thread.html#22382 .

I personally see no problem with creating a page for "tag:works" right now that describes how people use that tag. Discussion is also helpful, and maybe there are people on the tagging list who could suggest "I tagged one of these like X". In fact, there was a recent discussion that mentioned man_made=works, so there has been some recent interest:


If I do have a problem with some of the tagging list traffic (and some wiki tag pages) it's that there are people often say "you should tag X like Y" where they have no experience of what "X" is and "Y" is something that no-one actually does, or they make statements about what OSM tags are used for in their corner of the world and assume there everywhere in the world is like their home region. However this isn't true of everyone/everything there, and the fact that people are trying to improve OSM tagging has got to be good.

(04 Jul '15, 13:21) SomeoneElse ♦

I'm not sure if I get the point, but sounds like amenity=recycling , recycling_type=centre, ... to me?

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answered 04 Jul '15, 07:31

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I dont think those work, because a facility that processes recyclates is not a community "amenity" that citizens use directly. I think recycling_type=centre is for places where citizens can dump different types of waste.

(04 Jul '15, 07:39) pmackay
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