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... using ID editor v 1.7.3 and Chrome 43. Console says:

  Uncaught Error: entity n1578754703 not found
    iD.Graph.entity @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:9
    iD.Graph.childNodes @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:9
    (anonymous function) @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:8
    w @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:3
    (anonymous function) @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:4
    o @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:8
    i @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:8
    t @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:1
    (anonymous function) @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:11
    (anonymous function) @ id-98fb6f05162f92dd0530aa9929cb3dc0.js:1

asked 29 Jun '15, 17:55

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edited 29 Jun '15, 21:00

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I believe there have been some glitches with the API and also iD with Chrome. However, queries about short-term software issues are not really suitable for this help site. They tend to be very specific for a given time period and often end up confusing people who have problems in the future.

(29 Jun '15, 18:54) SK53 ♦

"entity n1578754703 not found" is probably related to issue #2142, which I fixed only a few days ago. My guess is you restored some changes after closing and reopening your browser.

As a workaround, you can try this:

After you click on the save button, iD will ask you to enter a save comment and show you the list of your changes in the left sidebar. Click on each change and wait until the map has loaded around that location (this is the workaround to load the entities that are missing). After you have looked at all of the changes, then click the big blue save button.

permanent link

answered 29 Jun '15, 22:19

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Thank you for your answer, clicking on each change worked. Good to know for the future.

(30 Jun '15, 09:08) Prototyp206

Is there any way to generalise this answer? Seems a very useful thing to know & may help in other situations.

(30 Jun '15, 10:25) SK53 ♦

Is there any way to generalise this answer? Seems a very useful thing to know & may help in other situations.

"entity not found" means that a way exists and iD is trying to do something with it (render it, or edit it, or a presave conflict check), but one or more of its child nodes are missing (not loaded from the openstreetmap API). If a user sees this, it's really an error in the iD code (and I fixed the last one that I know of), or the openstreetmap API misbehaving.

(30 Jun '15, 10:45) bhousel

@bhousel actually I understand the causes of the problem; my point was that this is a useful strategy if something isnt working (as you suggest the API perhaps), and can it be written up in such a way that its a suitable thing to try for folk less familiar with the vagaries of OSM and software.

(30 Jun '15, 11:50) SK53 ♦
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