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I'm trying to create an application using map which will work on intranet and requires no internet connectivity.

Is there a legal option to download the tiles (very few) for my offline implementation ?

Or should i have to contact any System administrators for getting licence for it ?

If so kindly provide me any contact like emailid to get clarified.

asked 26 Jun '15, 05:45

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Can you tell us about how many tiles you are talking? Which zoom level(s) and which area size?

(26 Jun '15, 07:48) scai ♦

I'm not sure about the number of tiles. But as far as zoom levels as concern it will be from 17 to 19 so that the markers added to the tile will give good visibility to user. Also the site range will not exceed more than 2 kilometers (Eg: a foot ball court, airport or college campus).

(26 Jun '15, 10:09) rramprakash1

I also wonder how often you will download the tiles. Depending on the region the downloaded tiles might be out-of-date sooner than later.

(26 Jun '15, 12:28) escada

The download is done only during the initial setup of application only once. As of now we are not concerned about updating the tiles

(26 Jun '15, 12:31) rramprakash1

There seems to be something of a communications failure here - the answers below ("no, you can't download lots of tiles directly from OSM" and "you don't need to - just stick a tile server on your intranet") are both correct, yet you still seem to be waiting for someone to say "yes, download all the tiles that you want". Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen - but as listed below, you have at least 3 other options.

(26 Jun '15, 12:36) SomeoneElse ♦

Hello friends,

Which one of you could do that service to get tile render png osm?

(11 Oct '18, 19:05) CLAGOS
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Yes you can download (very few!) tiles, but need to respect the tile usage policy to avoid stressing our servers
You need also to respect the legal aspects if you ship it with your application

Another alternative is to render your own tiles using an desktop renderer as Tilemill, maperitive, ...

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answered 26 Jun '15, 06:11

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But i came across in a wiki stating : "These tiles are generally not available (cached) on the server in advance, and have to be rendered specifically for those requests, putting an unjustified burden on the available resources." Are you still sure of downloading tiles to server for offline use ?

(26 Jun '15, 06:33) rramprakash1

As the text says, this is for high zoom tiles as they would take to much space. You might also use existing 3rd party tile services as mapquest, ...

(26 Jun '15, 06:38) iii

But for my application, I had to download tiles with higher zoom levels so that the user can be able to view the markers not in a congested manner. Kindly mention me if i have to contact anybody for it if i have to pay for any licencing option.

Referred MapQuest few days back, but the service is changed and not consistant also the Leaflet APIs are also not accessible now.

Also raised for clarification in their forum too and there is no response yet :

I'm also in the middle of developement. Any help regarding offline map is appreciated.

(26 Jun '15, 07:16) rramprakash1

try mapbox

(26 Jun '15, 09:58) SK53 ♦

A better alternative would be downloading the OSM data instead and running your own intranet tile server. There's a wide choice of tools for this; I had a great time processing the data into my own tiles with Tilemill - see e.g. this:

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answered 26 Jun '15, 08:25

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See also:

If you're only interested in tiles for a region that's "small" in OSM terms (such as India), then the infrastructure you need for a tile server isn't large - it's well within "off the shelf desktop PC" territory.

(26 Jun '15, 09:34) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, you can do that now thanks to vector tiles: See .

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answered 30 Apr '16, 18:58

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I am working on similar requirement, may be helpful for such requirement.

osm-for-my-country install all osm dependent packages and libs through scripts. With this you can download your country data and create all map tiles on your server.

It's small effort to make OSM map usage simple.

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answered 30 Nov '16, 05:02

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edited 02 Mar '17, 09:20


Just to clarify the technologies used: This is based on raster tiles and server-side CartoCSS styling language whereas (and OpenMapTiles) are based on vector tiles and client-side MB JS styling language.

(30 Nov '16, 19:20) Geonick

@geonick Thanks for adding input.

(01 Dec '16, 03:35) Gagan

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