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Hello, i want to collect all points that have "amenity=school" as tag and i created the following raw data URL:[out:json];(node[amenity=school];>;way[amenity=school];>;relation[amenity=school];>;);out;

But it should show all schools in the world! How to set the search to a certain country?

I said "should" before because i get a timeout error and i can't see what is the output. Setting an area i could get rid of timeout error... am i right?

asked 25 Jun '15, 09:14

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It is possible to increase the timeout.

(29 Jun '15, 07:39) scai ♦

Overpass Turbo can filter the results to a bbox, or to the result of a nominatim query. Read more here.

For your example I think if you use this Overpass Turbo query it will find all schools in Boliva. Adjust for the country you want:

permanent link

answered 25 Jun '15, 10:43

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It seems to work and it doesn't give problems about timeout. Why?

(25 Jun '15, 11:04) Andreanovenove

Since you're only loading data from one country, the query will take much less time to execute, so probably doesn't hit the Overpass Turbo timeout limit?

(25 Jun '15, 11:05) rorym

Looks like URL encoding of all the newlines and spaces. Maybe try to remove them?

(25 Jun '15, 12:54) rorym

It collects even nodes without any references to "amenity:school" tag. These nodes contain just type, id, lat and lon tags. Why?

(27 Jun '15, 15:24) Andreanovenove

Because it also collects ways (and relations) tagged with "amenity=school". The geometry of a way is defined by its referenced nodes. For more info read the section about OSM's basic elements.

(29 Jun '15, 07:38) scai ♦

To parse it i had to create a recursive function in my PHP code that sometime seems not to work. Do you know any workaround to query OSM to get nodes/ways without "duplicates"?

(03 Jul '15, 11:45) Andreanovenove

There shouldn't be any duplicates in the data returned. Maybe your parser is broken. The best is to create a new question, provide the data you are trying to parse, explain us your parser and tell us which data is supposed to be duplicated according to your parser. But maybe that's a little bit too much for this help system and a forum or mailing list would be better.

(03 Jul '15, 11:54) scai ♦
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