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Hey, I want to get all existing points of interest in a city like e.g. New York. Is there a simple way to do that and get it as an XML file?

I already tried this search: "[hospital]&format=xml&polygon=0&addressdetails=1" But I don't know how to eliminate the term "hospital" so that I get all the POI in new york. Is there a way to do that with this tool or do I need a completely another way?

Thanks in advance :) Sebastian

asked 24 Jun '15, 21:43

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Did you checked out already ?

(24 Jun '15, 22:12) iii

For a similar task, I have used a combination of Osmosis and Osmfilter:

  1. download an extract for the desired area (e.g. )
  2. find out the coordinate box you're interested in (the above gives you the entire Empire State :))
  3. extract a .osm file (substitute the box values from step 2, the below ones are obviously nowhere near NYC):

osmosis --read-pbf file=inputfile.pbf --dataset-bounding-box bottom=49.75 top=50.35 left=14.05 right=14.87 --write-xml file=nyc.osm

4 . filter the resulting XML using osmfilter:

osmfilter nyc.osm --keep="amenity=" --keep-ways="amenity=" --keep-relations="amenity=" > amenities.xml

The above will give you everything tagged "amenity" - this should cover many POIs; check the OSM wiki for other tags which you may want to see.

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answered 26 Jun '15, 08:42

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You can probably replace the bounding box with a poly file to cut just the city you want. A good source for polyfiles straight from OSM boundaries is

(26 Jun '15, 09:27) joost schouppe

Good point - wanted to keep the answer simple.

(26 Jun '15, 15:04) Piskvor

Please try the search feature of this FAQ site und use keywords like "export POI" or similar ...

there have been already several questions like yours ... and good answers.

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answered 25 Jun '15, 16:29

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Thank you for your answers :)

I have decided to use the .osm files and write my own parser for them, because I need to automatize the whole step with JAVA EE.

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answered 30 Jun '15, 01:14

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