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We recently held a mapping event focusing on bicycle infrastructure. There were some questions about how to tag bicycle parking. Specifically, we were wondering which values to use for the bicycle_parking and capacity keys for the following bike racks:

wavy bike rack decorative bike rack

asked 23 Jun '15, 21:06

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Peter Dobratz
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I'd agree with using tag bicycle_parking=stands

So far as capacity is concerned I'd tag the bank of stands in top picture as capacity=12. Each of the stands should take 6 bikes if they are parked correctly. Count the uprights - these stands are intended to accommodate 1 bike per upright. Too often the usable capacity is reduced by people parking bikes along the stands rather than straddling the stands - ideally in a nose to tail fashion to save handlebars getting tangled up.

As for the second picture I'd probably tag it with 6 as the capacity - there are 4 uprights and at least a couple more bikes could be locked to the 'wheels' of the stand.

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answered 24 Jun '15, 04:44

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From the bicycle_parking talk page, it looks like there was some discussion about a separate tag for "wavy" stands, but at least currently, the consensus seems to be to tag those as "stands". The description there also mentions tagging decorative bike parking as stands.

(24 Jun '15, 14:14) neuhausr

I would use amenity=bicycle_parking, and then an appropriate bicycle_parking tag to specifiy what kind. (I'd suggest bicycle_parking=stands).

OSM tagging is often meant to be semantic, you want to tell people that "this is a thing for parking your bike", and what kind of bike parking it is. The specifics (colour and design) are often less important. Though you're free to add that as well if you want.

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answered 23 Jun '15, 21:50

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Hi, I would use bicycle_parking=stands Look here Main bicycle_parking Page All Features

Here you can see how often the tag you like is used

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answered 24 Jun '15, 04:13

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Gys de Jongh
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