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Im new so please forgive my ignorance. Im using the iD editor on the web site. I just added the corner gas station as an exercise to learn what I'm doing. I noticed that at the closest zoom level it didnt show up, I assumed I had done something wrong. Then I zoomed out and it showed up, two zoom levels, and then disappeared again.

I understand that not all detail can be shown at all levels but what controls it and where?

asked 06 Jun '15, 22:23

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Stylesheets determines details of the content that should be shown on a map. Currently, the main map that you see at osm.org is displayed using the CartoCSS Stylesheet.

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answered 06 Jun '15, 23:55

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Thanks I'll look up carto

(07 Jun '15, 16:57) alpinekid

Sometimes different zoom levels take longer to update than others, so if you give it a while it might appear on more zoom levels. Though obviously there will be a point where you you zoom out far enough it will no longer be shown. There can also be problems where icons would overlap so only one is shown.

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answered 07 Jun '15, 03:44

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(i) If you didn't see what you entered it's possible that the tiles haven't bee updated yet, and/or your browser has cached the old tiles. You should see the new data within 20 mins.

(ii) The main map style is in this stylesheet: https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto

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answered 08 Jun '15, 09:27

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