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Hi, I am writing some software to convert contours and produce a contour map, I have downloaded gml data which I have converted to XML, both Osmosis and Splitter reads it correctly, I understand nodes and ways, but I don't get Relations... here is a small extract from my file, this part is for coastline

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<osm version="0.6" generator="Osmosis 0.43.1">
  <node id="1000000000088199248" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.4568954" lon="-3.5692281"/>
  <node id="1000000000088199249" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.4570016" lon="-3.5691505"/>
  <node id="1000000000088199250" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.4569964" lon="-3.5690654"/>
  <node id="1000000000088199251" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.4568735" lon="-3.5689789"/>
  <node id="1000000000088199252" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.4567703" lon="-3.5689611"/>
  <node id="1000000000088199253" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.456821" lon="-3.5690741"/>
  <node id="1000000000088199254" version="1" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z" lat="54.4568464" lon="-3.5691275"/>
  <way id="1000000000088199255" version="5" timestamp="2015-06-05T12:12:53:50Z">
    <nd ref="1000000000088199248"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199249"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199250"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199251"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199252"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199253"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199254"/>
    <nd ref="1000000000088199248"/>
    <tag k="natural" v="coastline"/>

When i produce a map from this there is nothing on it, and the map size isn't what I would expect .

asked 06 Jun '15, 15:32

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Rossendale Gary
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I'm not sure if I understand the point of your question. Which filters did you use on osmosis etc? How do you plan to mix contour lines etc...

Did you read the wiki already?

(07 Jun '15, 07:28) iii

Okay, I am trying to produce my own contour layer, I am writing the software in C#. I have downloaded the european contour and coastline data which is in gml, I have converted it to xml.

a small file osmosis is happy with, which tells me, I have the main settings in osmosis correct.

    string processCommand = "java";
    string processCommandArgs = _splitter;
    processCommandArgs += "--mixed=true ";
    processCommandArgs += "--mapid=" + Config.GetMapId(TypeOfMap) + " ";
    processCommandArgs += "--description=" + Config.GetMapName(TypeOfMap) + " ";
    processCommandArgs += "--mixed=true ";
    processCommandArgs += "--max-nodes=5000000 ";
    processCommandArgs += "--keep-complete=false ";
    processCommandArgs += "--max-areas=27 ";
    processCommandArgs += PbfDirectory + PbfFile + " ";
    processCommandArgs += "--output-dir=" + OutputDirectory;

That is my osmosis command it works perfectly on small clumps of data I have produced, I think the problem is down to how big some of the ways are, some have over 6,000 nodes on them

(07 Jun '15, 08:08) Rossendale Gary

So you try to extract the coastline only (you call it contours?) This is AFAIK a bit tricky on the geometry level (unclosed polys, multipolygones, ...). So IMHO it's worth to consider using Coastline dump?

(07 Jun '15, 08:32) iii

the downloaded file contains both contours and coastline, I am really after the contours..

The conversions to WSG84 I have done and verified, the problem is somehow I am confusing the splitter. without any meaningful fault report from it. The contours I get are really impressive, it works and it is accurate, the problem I am having is getting all the data through

(07 Jun '15, 09:01) Rossendale Gary

Oops, The xml file was spot on, the problem was in my other code used to generate the content for splitter to use.. I now have wonderful contours

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answered 09 Jun '15, 05:45

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Rossendale Gary
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