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I haven't found clear guidance on this yet, but would like to know if there's a best practice here.

For multi-level parking, the presets are usually amenity=parking, parking=multi-storey.

For multi-level concrete structure dedicated solely to car parking, should it also have building=yes? That way, it would show up on OSM Mapnik as a building, not just a yellow area, and would it would make sense to have building:levels and such. But none of the presets I've seen include a checkbox for building and some map styles may assume that amenity=parking and building=yes are mutually exclusive.

Edit: There is also no guidance in the wiki page for amenity=parking:

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Short answer: yes, tag it as amenity=parking, parking=multi-storey, and building=*.

This is quite common. Of the 20K parking=multi-storey objects, nearly half (about 9K) also have a building tag:

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answered 04 Jun '15, 17:12

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There is a car park near here which is partly ground level open parking, and partly multi-storey - I added building=carpark in this example, though it has the same effect as building=yes in most use cases that I am aware of.

I probably added the building tag manually afterwards (and yes, building levels would probably also have been a good one to add)

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I believe building=parking might be a better tag here. According to taginfo, it is used on 689 features, compared to 10 for building=carpark.

(29 Nov '17, 04:05) wislander

I recently had the same problem. JOSM doesn't know building=parking and/or building=carpark. If those are buildings where you pay for parking (which is mostly the case), I tag them as building=commercial, since it's essentially a business.

Tbf, I'm kinda tempted to just tag it as building=yes. No option is really fitting adequately, I feel like.

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answered 26 Oct '19, 10:23

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You can use any value you like in a tag. You aren't limited to just the values that JOSM includes in its presets. If building=parking best represents the form of the building, then by all means use that.

(28 Oct '19, 15:58) alester

I would like to stress that setting building=parking does not obviate the need to set amenity=parking (unless you don't mind the parking to disappear from most maps). It is already difficult enough for style developers to implement rendering for hundreds of objects, let alone take into account rules like "if there isn't an amenity=parking tag, but the building is tagged building=parking, draw a 'P' on it" to cope with incomplete or non-standard tagging...

(29 Oct '19, 17:10) mboeringa

Also, buildings originally designed as parking buildings do sometimes get a different, second use. The building in which sites was originally a "car park" for horses and carriages. It's now a trendy office building, but the former high entrances to let tall carriages in and out are still visible.

(29 Oct '19, 20:59) SomeoneElse ♦

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