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Hi, please how can I edit existing town/city/village/mountain/river name? In east Germany in Lusatia (see e.g. wikipedia) there is a region where are two languages official Sorbian and German. However on streetmaps there are only German names whereas in reality the names are always written in both languages (see e.g. wikipedia - Sorbian_languages). I would like to add also the Sorbian names to this project so they are visible immediatelly e.g. Bautzen/Budyšin or Spree/Sprjewja. Please can you help me how can I achieve this?

David Krcmarik

asked 04 Jun '15, 10:27

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That's the point. It is pretty complex to see the names immediatelly in the map. Since both (sorbian and german) names are widely spread and official I think it would be more convenient to have both names immediatelly on the map (using name tag). I do not want to have the names written eg in Czech since it is not official language in this region.

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answered 08 Jun '15, 16:22

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Which answer were you commenting on? It gets confusing if you add comments as new answers - people can't see what you were referring to.

(08 Jun '15, 16:37) SomeoneElse ♦

OpenStreetMap stores more information in the database than is shown on the map. Just because it is not shown on the map doesn't mean it is not stored. The name:XX tags are used to store the name of an object in different languages.

If you would like to show a map with Sorbian names, that's a different question. You'll need to set up your own tileserver to display the names this way (rather than do the default of just use the name tag).

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answered 08 Jun '15, 13:30

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As you can see here, the Sorbian name is already in the database. It is just that the rendering on does not show the Sorbian name. I think you should discuss with the German community, e.g. on the forum whether it is desired to change the value of the name field.

I know that in Belgium the name field contains both the French and Dutch name (in some areas), but I do not know what the solution is that the German community took

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answered 04 Jun '15, 11:13

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