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When I edited the map, I saw the Bing Satellite image. Now when I look in a new window or ask someone else to look, all they can see it the plain road map and the edits that I have made show uip poorly in comparison to the Bing version. I cannot see a layer to turn on. Sorry but what am I missing please?

asked 03 Jun '15, 18:01

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As you wrote, the Bing aerial images are only available during edit. Your friend is probably looking at the area on in "view"-mode. We have the rights to use Bing images to trace, but that's it. has no functionality to show arial images. And as far as I know there are no plans to add this functionality.

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answered 03 Jun '15, 18:04

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Thank you. I hadn't appreciated that.

(03 Jun '15, 22:45) helidave

You could use OSM in Google Earth to see OSM with a satellite picture background. You can play with transparency or different styles for best results.

The Mapbox sat pic request page also shows some OSM data over a sat pic.

I don't know any dedicated mapviews that do this though. It would be a nice one for

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answered 04 Jun '15, 13:03

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joost schouppe
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Thanks. I have been updating the map and will try layers next as a way of showing the public what is happening on neighbourhood planning for our village. If it cannot show the satellite imagery on our website, I will have to be content for just the basic map to show. Thanks again.

(04 Jun '15, 13:52) helidave

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