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On the cycle map there are lines of different color & width, sometimes with numbers. What's the difference between red, blue, light blue, grey? When I pull up the map key, it's empty.

asked 08 Apr '11, 01:55

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This page has a copy of the key:

(It would be handy if the main OSM site included the key for the cycle map in the same way that it does for "Mapnik".)

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answered 08 Apr '11, 02:26

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In addition to


A dashed blue line is a 'cycleway' (either a highway=cycleway or sometimes other highways marked with bicycle=yes) A dashed yellow line is a byway. NB This key is depreciated.

A dashed green line is a bridleway. You should be allowed to cycle on these.

A dashed wide dark brown line is highway=track. You can physically cycle down it (more probably on a mountain bike than a road bike) - it could be a bridleway or some form of byway; or you may not necessary have a legal right to do so (i.e. it could be private).

A dashed thin browny/red (not really sure what colour this is!) line is a footway or path. You probably can't cycle on these, but sometimes a path may in fact be a cycleable 'single-track'. With the bridleway status denoted in the designation status, or a bicycle=yes tag.

Various access rights may be given by either access and/or designation keys on highways:

I don't think Cycle Map supports designation as it's primarily a UK thing...

For some parts of the UK one attempt to show these is:

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answered 14 Oct '12, 21:40

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Thank you so much for that, it makes things much clearer.

(14 Oct '12, 21:58) Talkingdrum

I too would love to know the meaning especially of some of the path colours. The link above takes you to a wholly inadequate map key. I've been to and still can't find the answers. My main query is on the cycle map I've figured out that a dashed brown line is a footpath but paths for cycles seem to appear on the map sometimes as dashed blue lines and sometimes as dashed green lines. What does the difference in colour mean?

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answered 14 Oct '12, 15:24

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I filed a ticket about this about 3 weeks ago Also i happen to bump into Andy Allan at State of the Map US last night and i mentioned it to him.

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answered 16 Oct '12, 03:32

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Notice the Transport Map and MapQuest versions also lack a key.

I'd raise bugs, but I find the trac system almost too infuriating to use.

[Now done: + ]

However I was quite impressed that the Mapnik key is aligned to the zoom level.

(16 Oct '12, 22:00) robbieonsea

This might be what you are looking for:

Of which the following image is a selection: alt text

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answered 04 Jul '22, 17:49

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Nima Nomad
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