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Algeria has tow official languages Arabic then French. Later, they added Berber as 3rd official but only applied in specific regions. We have other dialects.

Taking example Jijel (Wilaya/state) & Taher (Baladia/commune), name then roll back...

I used to map in Jijel place where I live. In Jijel, most road signs are in Arabic only. In the national roads, may see French beside Arabic. Some limited regions have Berber or Kabyle as a plus.

  • I add Arabic to key:name:ar, move French name to key:name:fr and key:name:en, use Arabic alone in key:name.

  • Later, someone change key:name to French. I send him a message. We couldn't get into an agreement (He prefer to use a single language). Well, I told him I will use dual language Arabic French to avoid conflict with other regions. He reply, he will not map in Jijel. A month later, He changed a town name again to French.

  • I was using bi-language for sometime. Same thing happened with another mapper, He didn't reply after I told him my point of view (bi-language).

I read about similar cases, but those are missing a special ingredient hate

Is it possible to disable key:name for some regions?

asked 27 May '15, 12:47

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Offtopic: you should use wikipedia:en=Jijel instead of wikipedia_1=en:jijel for additional wikipedia values. Even then, it's probably not necessary.

(27 May '15, 15:14) Vincent de P... ♦

@VincentdePhily , :) that's exactly on topic. I didn't want to get far with language conflict. If you noticed an other mapper put fr:jijel in key:wikipedia

(27 May '15, 15:47) Bean

No, it is not possible to disable key:name for some regions. I think you should get in contact with the DWG and hope they can help you to settle the conflict with the other mapper. I think mapping the names in both (or all four languages) is the correct way. The other mapper should not change the name.

In Belgium (Brussels area), we use 'french name - dutch name' as name and add name:fr and name:nl as well. In some cases you might see the reversed order in the name. It just depends on the mother tongue of the mapper that added the name. This works fine for us and I am not aware of any serious incidents, although their are (political) groups enough to make a lot of fuss about it. Not so in OSM so far.

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answered 27 May '15, 13:04

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Thank you, I've sent them an email.

(28 May '15, 18:23) Bean

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