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Hi everybody - I discovered OSM 3 days ago, so a newbie question.

Using JOSM I added an amenity=public house and uploaded successfully. When I looked at the map on my browser, it didn't appear until I was zoomed right in. Other public houses appeared much sooner. How do I control this?

Thanks in anticipation.


asked 27 May '15, 00:02

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Thanks for all the advice. It appears that it was a caching issue on my browser after all that

(28 May '15, 08:17) BaldMapper

Don't worry - it's perfectly normal. Different zoom levels render at different speeds. More complicated tiles take longer, which is why things tend to appear first at higher zoom levels. There's a more detailed description of the rendering process here.

It is possible (but a bit complicated) to create your own web maps that are like the ones that you see on but render things slightly differently (you might choose to render pubs earlier or later, for example). If you do want to render your own tiles there's information about setting up a server here and the stylesheet itself is developed here. Also, don't forget that on the OpenStreetMap website there are five different map styles available - click on the "stack of books" icon at the right-hand side to switch between them.

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answered 27 May '15, 00:39

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Thank you for that. But apologies, I have not described the problem properly. When I used the word 'earlier' I was confusing the question.

Local amenities render at lower zoom levels than my addition. I have to zoom in further before my amenity appears.

Of course, it makes sense to me that various details appear as we zoom in. I am wondering what control I have about when my detail appears.

Thanks again. Malcolm

(27 May '15, 08:08) BaldMapper

All amenities of the same type render at the same time. If this is not the case for your amenity (i.e. others of the same type show but yours doesn't) then that is just a timing issue that will resolve itself soon. If, however, your amenity is type A and you wonder why another amenity of type B renders earlier, then that's a decision purposefully made by the maintainers of the map style and there's no way for you to change that (nor should there be or else everyone would elevate their favourites). In that case, you would indeed have to create your own map style for your own web site, and then you can do crazy stuff like "if name='BaldMapper Arms' then render two zoom levels earlier" or so.

(27 May '15, 08:55) Frederik Ramm ♦

Looking at the pub and area, I think what's happening is that the name and/or icon of the pub is colliding with the name of Main Street at certain zoom levels, and the road name is getting priority. This is just an unfortunate coincidence that you can't do anything about. Rest assured that the data is fine, and the pub may display better on different maps using this data.

As a side note, it looks like you may have inadvertently moved a couple of buildings in subsequent edits and they now lie on top of roads and rails: one in changeset 31496500 and one in changeset 31502645. I don't have the access to do a revert of those changes at this moment, but someone else here might be able to take care of it.

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answered 27 May '15, 16:54

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Oh dear! I'll have a go at fixing that! Thanks

(28 May '15, 08:16) BaldMapper

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