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Hi, I am trying to figure out how identify administrative regions within Vietnam. I Loaded the OSM data in ArcGIS using the OSM Editor. I then used the OSM Attribute Selector to add the osm_name field to the attribute table. I have been trying to make a map of Ha Noi but when I look on the, Ha Noi is clearly labeled along with other administrative areas around the city. When working with the data loaded into my feature dataset the polygon feature class there is no Ha Noi identified as a boundary only as a Primary Highway. I guess my question is - How do I find boundary names of cities and states so that I can symbolize and label them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm an OSM newbie and am at a loss.

asked 26 May '15, 21:06

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If you only just need boundary data from OSM, check out the excellent boundaries tool by wambacher.

Here you can download boundaries for any admin level that is correctly mapped in Openstreetmap, straight to .shp format. Click on the tiny white triangle left of the country name to drill down. The site is down right now, but it always comes back.

In the case of Hanoi, the most detailed boundary available seems to be at a regional level. As you can see, there is also a node used as a label. This node is not included in the boundaries tool, but most of the tags of the relation itself are in the file.

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Administrative boundaries in multipolygon form in OSM are far less complete in some, or maybe I should say many, regions than the main map may suggest. The main Standard map shows an amalgamation of true OSM multipolygons (converted to lines AFAIK for display), and line objects from unclosed ways.

This means that the main map is deceptively "complete", but that in reality, to get the same picture, quite a bit of clever data processing is necessary and unclosed ways must be combined with closed ways and multipolgyons.

In addition, many of the "name" labels visible on the OSM maps, aren't derived from administrative regions defined as boundary = x, but simply place = x tags in OSM.

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answered 27 May '15, 08:12

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