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I'm new to Openstreetmap. Unfortunately up to now it doesn't seem as userfriendly as I hoped it to be. I wanted my bitcoin-accepting company to appear on and I did manage. But in the process I created a duplicate entry:

When I click [edit] on the top of the page, I do get into edit-mode, but the node is not selected anymore and the info on it is gone. When I search for the number, or on 'Greenlight Consultancy', it is not found.

When I go to also then I don't get to see it nor delete anything.

Finally I'm used to finding my answers in the related forum, but this question is probably too simple to be answered here. In any case I couldn't find it.

So I wonder how to delete this node 3520465480. Thanks in advance for your kind help.


asked 24 May '15, 16:23

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In iD, when you select an object, a little garbage bin appears next of it. Use that to delete any object. Maybe your object was hidden underneath the duplicate. In that case, the easiest is to just move the upper object out of the way for a second, delete the other one, than move the first one back into place.

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answered 26 May '15, 16:08

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joost schouppe
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Hi Joost, Thanks! Actually, someone else deleted the node for me already. Yep! I too, now see the recycle-bin, after clicking on the object in te map. I was going there just using the above mentioned URLs and then it doesn't appear like that... Thanks! Thomas.

(29 May '15, 22:43) tkemmere

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