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I know platforms has tags for benches and bins, they are only yes/no tags. For a large platform like the ones in long railway stations, we should be more specific, In my opinion. Can I add the details of the platform like benches, vending machines, clocks, information tables, bins like other points?

asked 21 May '15, 14:39

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totymedli, if you can spend the time, feel free to do so, map what you see out there. And tag it accordingly to the Wiki.

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answered 21 May '15, 22:12

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Read the remarks here too, "How do you Plan a Survey?" And try to buffer your survey, in seats as one group and waste baskets in another and so one. It’s easier to map and translate the stuff you’ve collected that way.

(28 May '15, 15:23) Hendrikklaas

In this case I would just take 4 or 5 pictures of the platform so I have all the item that I want to map. I find it a waste of time to make a walk a just write down all benches during one survey and make the exact same walk to write down the wastebins.

(28 May '15, 16:36) escada

It all comes down on the gear your using to map the outside world. I use a Garmin 60 and press the mark button for most of the specific items, trash_can 1, bench 2 and so on up to 3. Ill end up with 2 items the marked ones and the trail I made, stored as current. The trail is used to compare the mapped items and Bing arial. If a selct number of picture is sufficient :-)

(28 May '15, 16:47) Hendrikklaas

Have a look at SNCF stations in the Ile de France. OSM-FR have been working with SNCF to do just what you describe. You may get some ideas from the approach they have taken.

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answered 23 May '15, 18:46

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