Good morning,

I was updating Málaga city area in JOSM when i just realized that in my last update all vectors and nodes in an area has been duplicated on OSM.

Visually on OSM I have not realized about anything cause lanes are overlayed; however when I downloaded again the area, it is really difficult to work with that duplicated map. I don't know where the problem is located, cause I updated before info and existing object were replaced by modified ones.

In this way I wanted to ask if someone could tell me a way to solve this problem.

I have an offline map of the affected area with no duplicated vectors and nodes, so I hope that it could help to.

asked 21 May '15, 11:26

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For info here's an original building:

and here's the duplicate:

The changeset was one of yours:

I'd suggest reverting that changeset - I can do that if you like.

Also, I noticed that you've quoted "Callejero de Málaga; Bing; Google Maps" as the source there. You can't use Google Maps as a source for OSM; the licence isn't compatible. Bing Imagery can be used; Bing Maps cannot. I don't know under what licence "Callejero de Málaga" is available.

(21 May '15, 11:39) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you so much,

I think reverting that changeset would be the best option, but I don't know how to make it so if you could do it for me I really apreciate it.

According to my sources, I am using "Callejero de Málaga" as a conventional map to check the position of the existing streets and name of them as it is the best reference for me. And I was using Google Maps for the street view, so I could have a bit of more info. And Bing in a similar way, just to check info. But if there is any conflict I will remove this quote about source.

(21 May '15, 12:08) CPrados

Changing the source tag is not the point (you can't change it any way). You are not allowed to use google streetview and other products to derive data of an kind to include in OSM:

(21 May '15, 18:38) SimonPoole ♦

OK, that's all been reverted now in this changeset. Three roads had been modified since the roads became duplicated; I'll let the people who made those edits know what happened so that they can check that the situation is now OK.

One thing that might help to prevent the situation happening again is to look at the amount of data that JOSM says that it will upload - if it seems to be an unfeasibly large number of objects, something's probably gone wrong. It's an easy mistake to make (I've certainly done it!) but if you check before upload it should be possible to prevent errors being uploaded.

With regard to the sources, you can only use sources that are suitably licensed. See the FAQ here (en espanol). Obviously as well as removing references to Google Maps from changeset comments, you need to actually not use that as a source. The same applies to Bing maps (though the Bing imagery available in e.g. JOSM is OK). The "Callejero de Málaga" site has some copyright information so unless someone in the Spanish community has arranged a suitable licence for the data I don't think that you can use that, either.

There's a mailing list for Spain here and also an IRC channel listed on this page.

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answered 21 May '15, 13:10

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for all, I really appreciate your advice about uploading so much information and about sources.

But downloading an updated map from JOSM I just realized that vectors and building have been solved but there are still some nodes duplicated and overlaped on some roads.

Attending to this, I don't know if there was an oldest version which created this issue and it should be reverted too.

Thanks in advance.

(21 May '15, 13:52) CPrados

I have had a look and reverted in changesets from onwards.

There are still a few duplicate nodes that were missed by the revert - is one example - but you can fix those manually I think.

(21 May '15, 21:29) SomeoneElse ♦
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