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I am fairly new to this, so try and be patient with me, I am joined openstreetmap and slowly getting used to how to add things to the database, and I am now trying to produce my own maps, I am using

Osmosis, Splitter and Mkgmap, the final output is okay, paths, roads etc etc, but I am a keen walker and I would like to see walls on my maps, what switches do i need to use to make this happen

asked 20 May '15, 12:15

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Rossendale Gary
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SK53 ♦

I use

barrier=wall [0x29 resolution 20]
barrier=fence [0x29 resolution 20]
barrier=hedge [0x29 resolution 20]

in the "lines" style file between the "highway" and "railway" definitions. It draws them as powerlines, but that works for me. I'm using the default TYP file.

Edit: Actually a quick scan of the UK taginfo suggests some other values that ought to be considered (wire_fence being one obvious candidate). When I was trying to work out how to render various barriers on an OSM-carto web map (unrelated to Garmin maps) I did some thinking about some of the more esoteric values. See here for the results of that if you're interested, though the actual code won't be directly useful to mkgmap, and note that OSM-carto has default barrier rendering and mkgmap by default hasn't, so not all the taginfo values are covered here.

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answered 20 May '15, 12:27

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for the quick response, I guess i need to figure out how to get and edit a TYP file..

(20 May '15, 12:55) Rossendale Gary

For info I've never bothered using a TYP file to change how things appear - you don't need to find one to add those lines to the style (though many people do use them to create nicely styled Garmin maps, of course).

(20 May '15, 12:57) SomeoneElse ♦

so where do i add those lines to the style ?

(20 May '15, 12:59) Rossendale Gary

Below the "mkgap" folder you'll probably see "resources", and below that "styles", and in there (among others) "default". Take a copy of the "default" folder (or the folder for whatever style you're using). In there you'll see a file "lines". Open that with a text editor, and edit as suggested above. Then specify the path to the style file in your "mkgmap" command "--style-file=\path\to\your_new_style"

(20 May '15, 13:04) SomeoneElse ♦

As a walker, the outline of fields is in my mind more important than the actual barrier type. A nice to have is simply barrier=field_boundary as a filler until more detail can be added. Many boundaries have a bit of hedge, a bit of wooden fence, some wire fence, a level of detail that is hard to map and not the most important thing. we need.

(24 May '15, 13:30) trigpoint

If you decide you want to style your own map further the TYPWiz editor is a useful resource.

There is other useful information on this website.

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answered 21 May '15, 21:04

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correct me if I am wrong, but unless the information is in the mkgmap style files, then no matter what it won't be viewed, is that correct?

I have downloaded typwiz3, is there a big difference between 3 and 4?

(23 May '15, 08:36) Rossendale Gary

My knowledge of this subject is quite limited but as far as I am aware if it isn't in the stle file directory your using "--style-file=...." it wont be rendered. I have found the process, one of trial and error. One thing you may want to do is create a simple map file of your own (i.e. stored on your own computer) with the relevant features you want to render and use this when developing your own style and typ files. You can create such a local map file using JOSM. If you have your gps connected you can copy the new garmin map file over and use basecamp to view the rendering whilst the gps is connected.

Another website that has some helpful information is:

I've only used typwiz3. It has enabled me to produce garmin maps with different rendering for fences, hedges and walls along with different type of stiles all of which are helpful for me when surveying and navigating.

(26 May '15, 18:40) dud1

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