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Hi all,

I recently added operating hours for Vancouver's Science World ( ) but what I see presented to the public looks like mangled information from poor parsing. I'm wondering if the data is just not being provided in a user-friendly way by OSM, or I've inputted the data incorrectly causing it to display it as such.

asked 19 May '15, 21:22

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David Metcalfe
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The data is presented exactly as it is in the database; no effort is made by the OSM web site to parse the information because the OSM web site is not intended to be a public-facing POI directory. Other websites that use OSM data can (and do) parse the data and present it nicely. The data you entered looks correct to me.

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answered 19 May '15, 21:30

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for clarifying. I was unaware the OSM website wasn't intended to be referenced by the public directly. This doesn't appear to be communicated anywhere obvious.

(19 May '15, 21:33) David Metcalfe

The data you entered looks correct to me.

Well, according to the opening hours validator, the data is in fact not quite correct:

opening_hours= <--- (Please omit "opening_hours=". The key must not be in the value.)

(19 May '15, 22:00) mmd

@DavidMetcalfe : Frederik said "not a public-facing POI director, not "referenced by the public". If you look at something like openlinkmap you can see opening times in a different format. OSM has thousands of different uses, no way will the main site accomodate them all.

(20 May '15, 10:31) SK53 ♦

Opening hours fixed now. Here's an example of a tool that uses the data:

(27 May '15, 09:12) joost schouppe
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