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In the following place when we take a right turn from Váci út before the intersection we have to decide which lane will we use. The right turn road has two lanes: left lane merges into the crossing Ferdinánd híd and the right lane goes to a parking garage. From the right lane we can't go to the left one but we can go to the right one from the left, because otherwise the cars coming through the intersection to Ferdinánd híd's way wouldn't be able to go to the parking garage. Check the place in real life on Google Street View

It is mapped like this now:

Intersection in Budapest, Hungary

I think it is misleading because it suggests there is an intersection and a separate road for those who exit from Ferdinánd híd to the parking garage. Could it be done better?

I think the direction to the solution would be the example in the Lanes wiki's motorway example. I would draw one right turn road from Váci út to Ferdinánd híd, then a bit later I would draw a way branching off from Ferdinánd híd going to the parking garage. Between these two intersections I would mark that the cars in the rightmost lane cant't go to the left but this lane is accessible from the second rightmost lane. However I don't know if there are lanes:* tags for barrage lines...

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You need to use a combination of turn:lanes and change:lanes.

On the Ferdinánd híd from left to right (from the point where there is a half circle to the north)


then the section between the entrance from the west and the exit towards the parking


perhaps you could add a destination:lanes:backward=||parking as well

after the exit to the parking


for the "turn" from the west


One can discuss about that last turn:lanes, since both are turning to the right.

OsmAnd understands turn:lanes, but not change:lanes

I have to admit that I used some information of Google StreetView to write the above, since the Bing images are not veyr high quality. I know I am not supposed to do that and hope you have local knowledge to properly map the situation without the need to look at Google StreetView.

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please double check, especially the values for the :forward key, as it was not very clear on the Bing imagery that there are two lanes. Maybe there are even turn lanes in the forward direction

(13 May '15, 09:19) escada

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