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Is there a way to disable the menu that pops up when you right click in JOSM? If I hold the right mouse button to move the screen and do not continue to move my cursor as I release, then the menu comes up. I envision there is some setting I can add to the advanced preferences window.

asked 11 May '15, 05:09

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can you please describe which menu pops up? i've got a pure 8339 josm without any plugins and there's no (context) menu after release right mouse button in editor area.

(13 May '15, 07:52) Harald Hartmann

I think I am correct in saying that the right click pop-up is only activated if you have an image layer like Bing present. The pop-up menu gives options relevant to the image layer. With the problem stated above I would first check my PC mouse and/or it's settings.

(13 May '15, 15:27) BCNorwich

@BCNorwich, yes, it seems to be the menu of the tiled image source (e.g. bing) – and I never used this menu while doing 1418 JOSM changesets, if I remember correctly.

Why "check my PC mouse"? The described behaviour is perfectly normal/expected (note that the mouse is not moved while the button is down).

(13 May '15, 22:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi aseerel4c26, The mouse settings determine how the cursor moves and behaves also what happens when buttons are clicked or held. Also there is different behaviour if the mouse is set up as single rather than double click to activate menus. I can't replicate the behaviour stated, that the menu pops up when moving screen and user "do not continue to move my cursor". My interpretation of the problem is that the screen display is being moved when the the popup menu subsequently occurs.

My mouse setting is for single click, I right click the mouse hold it down to move the display, stop mouse movement, release button = no menu popup. Right click mouse hold it down to move the display, keep it moving while releasing button = no menu popup. Menu does popup when right button is clicked and immediately released, never when right button is clicked and held.

(14 May '15, 07:39) BCNorwich

You can do a text search in the advanced prefs. I searched for "mouse", "click", "context", "menu" but did not find anything suitable. I guess that such a disable function is not built into JOSM currently. Also I did not find a JOSM plugin with this functionality.

I would suggest to create a new enhancement request at JOSM's trac (needs a new account there – not your account), I did not find older tickets about the same topic.

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answered 11 May '15, 11:07

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Same problem for me, when I make a right click without imagery, I have very quickly the mouse icon for move and disappear immediately. when I have a bing imagery activated for example when I right click I have the menu for tiles which appear and impossible to move on both case the map.

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answered 09 Jul '17, 15:28

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la colle
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