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Can we make import a 3D model developed in google sketchup into OSM? if yes, whats the procedure to be followed? We make a 3D model of our organization using Sketchup and wish to upload and use that model with OSM navigation.

our model This is the model we have created for our campus, its simple though, but i am unable to find any source which can help me to upload and imbue this 3D model in OSM maps. I tried Skp2osm, but to no avail.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

asked 06 May '15, 11:24

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Jaiteg Singh
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Sketchup is owned by Trimble these days

(06 May '15, 11:38) SK53 ♦

what is "OSM navigation"? Likely you should get to know what OSM really is. There is no "OSM navigation". There are just many navigation services/apps (here those for Android) which use OSM data.

(06 May '15, 23:41) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks aseerel4c26, actually i was referring to OSM based navigation only, OSMand for example. You seem an expert contributor to the OSM community, and yes I am just a beginner. thanks for your answer. regards

(07 May '15, 04:52) Jaiteg Singh

thanks for the kind information SK53

(07 May '15, 04:54) Jaiteg Singh

OpenStreetMap currently doesn't have an external model repository however you could help develop one. You can however include a simplified 3d mapping in OSM (but the key word is "simplified"!) which is likely what you would want to do for navigation in any case. As far as I know there is currently no automated way of converting from external formats to OSM simple 3d buildings.

In any case you must own all rights to the model in question and need to check trimble (sketchup is now owned by them) relevant terms of service for allowed use before even considering using it in any form in OSM.

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answered 06 May '15, 11:30

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thanks for the kind reply Simon Poole

(06 May '15, 11:39) Jaiteg Singh

To get your models shown in OsmAnd you need to have a look which kind of 3D models are supported in OsmAnd. In fact, I am not aware (disclaimer: I use OsmAnd only occasionally) that OsmAnd supports any kind of 3D buildings, currently.

The most popular building modelling is what Simon mentioned, so I would suggest to use it. All OSM-based 3D maps which support this kind of modelling will then show your buildings. However, it is not easy and doing it right needs some experience / time to learn it.

Simply adding the number of levels and specifying the building type of the already existing (in our database) buildings would be the first easy, but high-impact step into the 3D world. Begin! :-)

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answered 07 May '15, 07:44

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answered 11 Mar '18, 08:56

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