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Is it possible in overpass-turbo to query only some of the nodes of a way?

I want to query a wide selection of ways, and then only get some of the nodes as a result. First, make me a list of all the ways (that are highway at least tertiary and surface=paved or similar), then give me the first node of any way, and a following node only if it is a least a 100 meters away from the first node. Then follow the way untill you find another node at leat 100m away, and so on untill the end of the way.

The idea is to reduce the waiting and downloading time, so it might be counterproductive to try this?

This question is related to my previous post https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/40932/a-umap-with-lots-of-data-through-overpass

asked 29 Apr '15, 15:33

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joost schouppe
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There was a comment before, but it seems to be removed. This is kind of a stupid question, it made me realize. In fact, I think what I am describing is kind of what would happen serverside if a future simplification algorithm were in place. If you do this clientside, you'd probably need all the data first anyway, hence increasing total waiting time instead of decreasing it.

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answered 19 Jun '15, 07:19

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joost schouppe
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