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My attempt at making a 3D building (for the Lincoln Financial Group Building) that has around 23 levels is not going well, this is where I was looking for it to show up, and this is where I tried to create the building relation and all that on OSM. What am I doing wrong?

asked 27 Apr '15, 22:56

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If I look at the data I find e.g. which is about an hour old. What about that the F4 map database is just not updated? Yes, I know, it says "a minute ago" at the footer, but I somehow doubt this. At least it would be possible that this is the cause for your problem. I just made a new 3d building myself, and it is visible (just the roof is not right yet, but this is another problem) 2 minutes after uploading in the F4map! However, this seems not the be always true. My roof edit near "your" building took more than one day to be shown. And also some features (pitch surfaces, types) in my mapping area are, after one day, only half shown in the highest zooms. So waiting for an update seems to be an issue with F4 map, despite the advertisement in its footer.

I did not check all your objects in detail for tagging issues, maybe tomorrow … Just a bit: The outline should get the levels of the overall building (like as if you would not do additional 3d tagging). The building parts should not have a building=yes tag in addition to the building:part=yes tag.

For previewing 3D buildings I've heard (e.g. marauder156's diary entry "3D Modelle von Gebäuden erstellen") that people like to use the Kendzi 3D plugin in JOSM.

For that all see in case you did not know this page.

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answered 27 Apr '15, 23:43

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I don't use JOSM right now (I use iD), but if I switch, I'll keep that plugin in mind. Do I have to list the height? Currently I have the approximate number of levels. Is there a place that lists building height that OSM would be okay with me using? Even so, how would I know the height of the other building parts when they aren't the tallest parts?

(28 Apr '15, 02:17) AmaryllisGar...

no, you do not have to tag the height for F4 or osm2world (only D, A, CH). Only the building:levels is also enough to create a 3d rendering (a building with non default height in the 3d map).

(28 Apr '15, 02:27) aseerel4c26 ♦

I sometimes estimate the height of buildings by comparing shadow lengths on bing of nearby buildings which height I know (or can estimate better) and buildings of which I want to estimate the height. More often I estimate the height by using usual level heights and the level count + roof (and add a note of that estimation in the source tags). This last one is not really that much better than only levels I guess.

I do not know of a building height database with a compatible license and not doubtful data (fact and copyright-wise).

(28 Apr '15, 02:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

Well, it's still not showing up (after I made the changes you suggested), but it's nothing that can't wait. BTW, can I look at pictures from Wikimedia Commons to help me map?

(28 Apr '15, 02:39) AmaryllisGar...

your building now shows up! Maybe also (in addition to the overall levels) because the building part for the base was missing before. Before I saw this, I had added a roof to to see if (and when) this is shown on the F4 map. Result: whyever, my roof does not show up after the "minutes" indicated in the footer … Upd: shows after > 1 day.

I have added the min_levels info and the slicing type info (rather informative for the mapper) to your building, too.

(28 Apr '15, 13:29) aseerel4c26 ♦

please ask your Wikimedia Commons question in a new question if you cannot find an older question about this. This question would be helpful also for others.

(28 Apr '15, 13:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yay! I added the base part after looking at the church building you mapped. I will ask the picture usage question on Commons (I'm an active user there). But anyway, thanks, you're the best!

(28 Apr '15, 15:18) AmaryllisGar...

@AmaryllisGardener: okay, I meant to ask it here as a new question. The Wikimedia Commons guys are likely not aware of our contributor agreement / ODbL requirements.

(28 Apr '15, 15:53) aseerel4c26 ♦
(30 Apr '15, 03:51) AmaryllisGar...
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