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I know a road near me, which is only for destination traffic & psv in one direction, but open to all car traffic in the other direction because it is an exit from a car park. How do I indicate this on the map?

At present the road is marked with access=destination and psv=yes, which does not allow exit from the car park that way.

It's about the western part of Keetmolenweg, Ede, Netherlands (west of the junction with the car park).

asked 26 Apr '15, 23:38

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(27 Apr '15, 00:13) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, that street part.

(27 Apr '15, 09:36) AlbertP

The problem with your solutions is the destination traffic, I think. People whose destination is on the street, may drive in eastern direction (they don't have to go through the car park to their home). For now I have made it a one-way road in western direction with oneway:conditional=no @ destination (and oneway:bicycle=no, oneway:psv=no of course), does that seem about right? I think the solutions you proposed don't allow the destination traffic to go into the street in eastern direction.

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answered 27 Apr '15, 09:14

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@AlbertP: Yes, I think your additional tag oneway:conditional=no @ destination is right. Maybe even the simpler oneway:destination=no would be reasonable (we currently have this tag about 40 times), although this does not fit into the conditional restrictions syntax.

(27 Apr '15, 13:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

Let me show an example I've mapped: no vehicles except PSV and bicycles are permitted to enter the road at its southern end.

I hope this second part is right … those tags are not really used often (around 100–300 each).

I am not really sure which mapping method is better (suited).

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answered 27 Apr '15, 00:11

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@AlbertP: yes, sorry, I missed the "destination" allowance.

(27 Apr '15, 13:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

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