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Hi There,

I've been messing around with building my own tile server on Ubuntu 14.04 just to see what it's like. I followed this guide:

I'm only a few days into this so I'm extremely new.

I have a particular interest in railways. I have a few questions right off the bat that someone may be able to answer:

I noticed that the railways only get rendered at zoom level 12 and above. Is there a way to change this? Where would I start? At which point in the process does this get defined?


asked 21 Apr '15, 16:11

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Near the very end. Usally a program that reads the raw data file such as a .osm XMLdata file: and then uses rules either fixed in the rendering program code, or a special format file such as .mapcss or other config file; to work out how to draw the features. If you are lucky you can find a format file in the tile making system you've just made that you can tweek to control specific problem. I'm personaly not to sure what system options you have but either others will fill in the details or I'll look into it in a bit. I'm downloading tilemill now. this page might help you in understanding the process:-

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answered 21 Apr '15, 16:38

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tile maker seems to use .mss files which are working in a similar way to the mapcss page above.

this page might help you as it seems to work with similar stylesheets to tilemaker:-

(21 Apr '15, 16:48) Govanus

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