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Like this where the pedestrian area touches a road, but it doesn't go to the middle of the street (obviously).

asked 20 Apr '15, 01:42

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As tempting as it is, glueing the pedestrian area to the road way is a bad idea. Using "connecting footways" is still not very satisfying, but is IMHO better. Some examples:

I found all these examples using a taginfo search, because the mappers added a note explaining the hackery. Thanks to them.

Hopefully someday we'll agree on a taggin scheme for these connecting ways that routers can use but renderers ignore, but AFAIK that's currently the best solution.

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answered 20 Apr '15, 12:16

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Nice examples :)

(20 Apr '15, 13:56) scai ♦

I would join one side of the pedestrian area to the road way nodes as is done in the link above so that routers can route pedestrians across the area.
Edit: not a good idea in view of the Vincent de P... post
In this case the footway performs that role anyway. I have seen pedestrian areas before that are isolated or islands and unconnected to other ways so are unable to be utilised by routers.

Routing example of your pedestrian area:

An equally viable alternative would be to outline the paved area of the pedestrian way as viewed on the satellite imagery and have short segments of footways linking usual foot traffic routes from the pedestrian way to the road, especially on larger pedestrian areas.

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answered 20 Apr '15, 06:51

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sadly, most routers I know of route only on the edges of such highway areas. I think there were ideas for correctly routing over areas, but I forgot where I saw them. And then... there is the question of tagging such areas - with the usual highway tags or with additional area tags on separate objects? There is much work left in this area for the OSM world.

(20 Apr '15, 14:25) aseerel4c26 ♦

Is it better now? I tried to change it.

(20 Apr '15, 16:10) AmaryllisGar...

@AmaryllisGardener: I think so, yes

(20 Apr '15, 19:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

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